Not Very Humerus is a non-Loblaw blog about science, technology, school, and industry life as a millenial. It does not cover my personal life or reflect perspectives of acquaintances or organizations I have formal and informal associations with (see Disclaimer below). It is intended to be a fun (YMMV) discussion of science, technology, and millenial life.


I don’t claim to be good at research, I just opine on articles, technologies, and ‘facts’. I focus on open source tools, the process of learning to code, and bioinformatic methods, rather than endorse technologies and imply performance or reliability. In fact, plenty of the information here is extremely naive and biased.

My ‘opinions’ and flaming is intended for good fun. I don’t claim to be factual when commenting dismissively towards technologies, communities, or practices.

This blog is never gonna blow up

Most of the time my experience in science is much more like this:

Give it a whirl

I was told that postgrad life can be summed up by the ‘2 out of 3’ adage: ‘Between sleep, social life, and good grades, you can only choose 2.’ Don’t get me wrong, grad school and science careers are very fulfilling. It takes a tole on your health, sanity, relationships, and life begins to feel much more like simulated reality than any semblance of sane market-forces driving real innovation. Our government is just digging up more fossils ffs.

So you rely on the only tool at your disposal, a critical technonihilism directed at bad methodology and software during your 30 minute lunch break, looking forward to making your social rounds this weekend before going back to your 70hr workweek and you have to learn a whole new technology before next week cause you’re presenting it to your committee. It’s very much like a Techies dunk.

That said, the science topics will probably lean towards biology, bioinformatics, and bioethics.


So this is the part where I start to have a better sense of humor in the blog, and focus on discussing tools, trends, and developer life. Since there is usually more than one way to solve a problem, I try to keep some interesting algorithms in the forefront and discuss boring topics rather than controversial clickbait.

Boring, obvious techniques for developer happiness:

  • Functional programming

Controversial topics with no clear answer:

  • Zero based indexing
  • Tabs vs spaces
  • Emacs vs vi(m)

What this blog is not

Finally, the information contained and presented by this blog is for entertainment, educational, and informational purposes only and shouldn’t be seen as any kind of advice. Note that while my profession may be technical in nature, I am not a professional in career advice or technical benchmarking, and this info should not be seen as such. Furthermore, I do not hold a PhD and research commentary/rants are based on literature review, lurking, and experiences from school, not from my time as an employee of my technical industry. I limit my content as such and avoid dicussing the politics, companies in my industry, specific researchers, or method evaluations.



All views expressed on this site are my own and do not reflect the opinions of any entity, organization, or persons which I have been, am now, or will be affiliated. These are all my own talkwords.

Much of the information on Not Very Humerus is anecdotal and meant to facilitate open discussions of tools, methods, and practices for so-called ‘millenial’ persons in the biological and data sciences. I do not make any warranty or conditions about the completeness, reliability, and/or accuracy of this information. Any action that you take based on the information on this blog is strictly at your own risk. Basically, don’t blaim your server, computer, or website crashing on me or my code. I will not be liable for any losses or damages in connection with your decisions based on the contents of this blog.

I make omissions, errors, and mistakes and please take any information contained in this blog with a healthy grain of sodium chloride. The information is provided ‘as is’ with no warantees. If you see content changed or modified, please check for the edit message. I usually describe what was removed or reworded/refactored. And If I flat-out changed my mind on something, who cares. It’s my blog.

Finally, I am the owner of this blog and I reserve the right to change how the blog is run, the content included, or the topics I’ll be presenting. If you have trolling to do, please direct it to /dev/null. I do not make any money from Not Very Humerus and have no conflicts of interest to declare.

Most importantly, any memes that are linked to by this blog are either custom-made, part of creative-commons, or have embedded metadata in the images describing their origins. I do not claim copyright for these images or memes and they are intended to be humerous.