Matt Ralston

Bioinformatician / Gamer / Powerlifter

About Me.

Young guy with a training in analysis of biological and chemical datasets. Looks for disciplines that are synergistic with biology (maths, computer science, chemistry, etc.) for applications in pharma, energy, and biotech. In a perfect world, I could have all three. I admire the pioneering spirit of the Gnu Public License, Creative Commons, and open-science communities. Some day, I'd love to do a PhD using as many arduino-ey instruments as possible.

Early in my career, I worked among scientists in a colon-cancer lab and a biofuels and microbiological physiology lab. Along the way, I learned instrumental methods, counter-selection, the importance of replication, and controls. Regardless of the instrumentation, theoretical work, derivation, and data modeling is a unifying thread to the scientific endeavour, and I chose bioinformatics and computer science as the theme for my MS degree. We live in an increasingly digital world and some might say computation is a component of modern literacy.

After graduating, I've continued to work on open-source software projects, studying stats, linear algebra, functional programming, BDD, and machine learning. I'm working for an awesome team in a stellar company on... things.

Functional programming fanboy, weeb, yuppie, space cowboy, gamer, guitarist. Representing 302 #onelove



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